For Households

Save on your electricity bills. Install an affordable, high quality solar system.

Quality solar for your home or rental property

You’ll get a quality solar panel or battery storage system with excellent warranties, installed by local installers.

What’s more, prices are good value for money – and you’ll get expert help every step of the way.

Solar Panels donated to community school

Giving back to community organisations in Brimbank

For every solar system installed through this program, we’ll donate one per cent of the system’s value to a community organization in the City of Brimbank. Up to six free solar systems will be donated to community groups through the Brimbank Community Solar Program.

Are you a community group who would like to apply to receive free solar panels as part of this program?

Government rebates for homeowners and rental properties

It’s a great time to go solar with generous State Government rebates available for eligible homeowners and renters/landlords. Plus there’s the Federal Government’s form of rebate – called Small-scale Technology Certificates – which reduces the cost of solar by around 30 percent.
Find out what these rebates are worth. Get in touch with us today.

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Residential packages

Whether you’re a family, a renter or a retiree we have a solar system that will cut your electricity bills without stretching your budget.

Suntech Solar Panel and Sunways Inverter

Solar panel systems

Available in a range of sizes, these solar panels systems use high quality components backed by industry-leading warranties.

Solar panels:
Suntech – 25-year performance warranty

Inverter options:
Sunways – 15-year warranty
Fronius – 10-year warranty

Suntech Solar Panel, Sunways Inverter, and Tesla Powerwall Battery

Solar & battery storage

Enjoy greater energy independence with a customised solar system that includes battery storage.

Solar panels:

Inverter options:

Battery options:
Powerwall – 10 year warranty
Duracell – 10 year warranty

Tesla Powerwall Battery and Duracell Solar Battery

Battery only

Already have solar? No worries! These batteries can be installed on almost any type of solar panel system.

Battery options:

Free after-sales services for complete peace of mind

All systems purchased through the Brimbank Community Solar Program come with an industry-leading performance guarantee and free post-installation services.

This ensures your solar or battery works as promised.

Our Solar Retailer will check 3 times in the first year that your system is working properly.

They’ll also check that it is producing the amount of power it is supposed to. If there’s a problem, they’ll fix it at no cost to you.

Here are the free services and additional warranties (over and above those on the system components) that you’ll get if you purchase any system through the Brimbank Community Solar Program:

  • Workmanship warranty: 15 years
  • Performance guarantee: 15 years
  • Remote system monitoring & alerts: free
  • Post installation system checks:
    • 3-month check (by phone): free
    • 6-month check (site visit): free
    • 12-month system check (by phone): free

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