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Does your business operate 9-5? If so, a new solar system can be cash-flow positive from day 1.

Improve your bottom line and boost your green credentials

Many businesses can get a payback of two years or less when they invest in solar. 9-5 businesses can get the best payback of all, with many cash-flow positive from day 1.

What’s more, your customers will be interested to see solar panels on your premises. You’ll find getting their ‘green tick’ for your environmental contribution is good for business.

Specialized Power Performance Guarantee

Guaranteed power performance

When you buy solar through the Brimbank Solar Program, you’re investing in a clean source of power for your business. Through our program, the solar energy generated by your system will come with a performance guarantee. This guarantee states that your solar system will generate a certain amount of electricity each year over a set time period. If it doesn’t, the system will be fixed at no cost to you.

A tailored solar solution – from 10kW to 100kW+

No matter what size solar system you need, we ensure you get the very best solution to meet your requirements. Our solar delivery partner has the expertise to design and install all types of commercial solar and battery systems from the simple to the extremely complex. Financing solutions are also available on request.

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Government rebates for business solar

Government rebates for business solar systems are available from the State Government, as well as the Federal Government’s form of rebate – called Small-scale Technology Certificates.

And if you’re thinking about a 100kW+ system, there are Large-scale Certificates for Solar from the Federal Government which substantially reduce the upfront cost.

Talk to us today to find out what these rebates are worth.

Solar Panels donated to community school

Giving back to community organisations in Brimbank

For every solar system installed through this program, we’ll donate one per cent of the system’s value to a community organization in the City of Brimbank. Up to six free solar systems will be donated to community groups through the Brimbank Community Solar Program.

Are you a community group who would like to apply to receive free solar panels as part of this program?

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